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We Are Experts

We Are Experts

At Organizing international and local school trips!

We know School Tours.

Marco Janse van Rensburg

At Tripto.Travel, we’re obsessed with unique travel opportunities for students and teachers. 

We get excited about creating immersive travel experiences. To promote tolerance, respect for others and a greater understanding of oneself, we design tours to supplement classroom learning.

Life-changing travel experiences

Our aim is to inspire great minds and to design innovative tours. Great ideas combined with the tools to achieve them can change the world for the better.

With more than 11 years’ experience in international school travel, we strive to keep minds open and the world connected. We foster opportunities for students and teachers to learn through immersive, life-changing experiences.

Meet the Founders


Marco Janse van Rensburg

Marco has more than 11 years’ experience in International School Travel, during which he planned and arranged hundreds of successful tours for South Africa’s most prestigious schools.

Co-Founder/Head of Business Development

Vincent Coetzee

Vincent has been developing and operating successful businesses for over 21 years and credits his success to his commitment to delivering significantly more value to his customers than anyone else in his field.

Operations Executive

Anna Volschenk

Anna has been working in Customer Service and Administration for more than 25 years. With a strong background in banking, she’s great with detail and operational administration. Anna prides herself in delivering excellent customer service.

Why Tour?

Through educational travel, Tripto.Travel empowers teachers to change the lives of their students.

Students discover more about themselves and the world, become more confident and independent, and gain a deeper understanding of new people, places, and cultures.

Teachers who lead our tours gain a wealth of insight and experience that they can bring back to their own classrooms.

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